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wooow. weirdest thing ever. :) i hope livejournal server never goes… - 나를 봐- [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 4th, 2006|06:48 pm]
wooow. weirdest thing ever. :) i hope livejournal server never goes down. I don't wanna lose all my writing, though they are all terrible.
it's odd how i use to write a lot, but then i just stopped. weird. maybe it's college that's getting me. but i'm gonna try to write more from now on.

everything's slowing down a little, but i'm sure my final week's going to be hell. if i do have to drop math, then i'll be done on tuesday which will be nice, but i really really really really really hope i don't have to drop math. (though it seems pretty hopeless.) what else is going on... i wish i have more thing to write about, but pretty much, for now, my life is boring. VERY boring. cause i'm too busy with school work. i always learn my lesson in hard way, cause i don't know how to learn it in easy way. so i'm gonna stick with 21 credit for now, and think about doing less next semester. ...if i change major, that might have to change to, but for now, i'll just think that way.

i gotta go study... physics, math, lir, math, what else. econ. oh. econ. damn econ. gotta do project too...

one month is good, but not enough!

[User Picture]From: supersuetaw
2006-04-06 03:51 am (UTC)
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